Books anyone?

Most people cannot figure out what to do or how to react or even have already moved on past the Gaza situation. And while there are other things that warrant our attention, we no longer are counting how many died and are still dying at the hands of Israeli missiles. People cheered when Obama pledged 20.3 million dollars (Fox News for those who don’t trust anything else), but a writer from the Huffington Post made a great point in that Obama’s silence was ‘deafening’ when it really counted. While, yes the motion to donate money made me happy and thankful that he even did that much, I still remain critical of his policies (the economy is still falling apart, the job market…pretty much well…sucks to put it simply). And not to go off topic but, I understand that things are not going to be fixed overnight, hell we’ll be lucky if they will even be half way fixed in the next four years. 

Okay back to the point of this post. I must say to those who are doing what they can to raise awareness about the injustice, I commend you and I pray that Allah blesses your efforts and keeps your intentions pure.  I have had the opportunity to be in touch with some teachers and natives of the West Bank and when I asked them what they needed and what we could do, because let’s face it no one knows what to do. They told me that they needed books, supplies, anything for teachers to use. So my MSA (Muslim Student Association) started something of a textbook drive. It began with collecting books from students, until one day my friend Afeefa texts me and tells me that the Math Department at Meredith College was getting rid of all their textbooks. So we decided on a time to meet and I took my little, for lack of a better word, dinky car. I was expecting 20-30 books (since that is what she said). Instead I ended up with over 80+ books!!! Here are some pictures of what my car looked like:



I just had to convert it to black and white :).


My car was actually having trouble accelerating so much that it actually made me happy. This is just the start of a larger project. It doesn’t matter what side you are, who you feel is in the right. It is the innate right of every human, child, young adult, whatever to be educated and have the opportunity to enrich themselves mentally. And to deprive someone of that, to make them live in fear is worth fighting till the end. 

So if anyone has any books they are willing to give up….I would be more than happy to take them off your hands!


4 thoughts on “Books anyone?

    • sshaddad says:

      If you don’t want to share your books all you have to do is say it. Don’t be the stingy kid on the playground. 😉

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