Life lessons learned in the kitchen…

So this might be my corniest post ever but I am compelled to share what I was thinking about yesterday while I was cooking. As many of you know, I love being in the kitchen (thanks to Taiyyaba :)). I love how I can be in there for hours and trying different things out and work problems out in my head. It’s the perfect time to figure out any obstacles I run into during my day, an overall stress reliever and at the end of the day…you get something great to eat! But yesterday I was cooking and I realized that being in the kitchen has taught me some life lessons (and while we learn these things as we go along I find that relating it to something that makes you happy makes it come easier). So here are some things that I have learned from the kitchen: 

  • While there is a recipe for everything, it’s the way you make it your own that makes it come out so good. 
  • Patience is key. This you learn from making bread, you have to mix it, let it rise, knead it, rise again and then bake it. But it’s soooo worth it (especially with pita bread). If you try to rush it, it won’t come out right and you’ll end up with flat bread (not like greek pita but more like squished hard bread). 
  • A little spice never hurt anyone. Adding more than what’s needed makes food more interesting and flavorful. Never leave things boring, always add a little more. 
  • Just because a recipe asks for something, doesn’t mean you have to add it (unless its important). Make things your own, be unique don’t follow the mold so much. 
  • Cinnamon is all it needs. 
  • If you wait long enough, you’ll be happy with the results. 
  • Bread can always rise a little longer. 
  • Don’t overcook it!!! 
  • A little chocolate can go a long way. 
  • Never cut corners and enjoy every minute. 🙂 

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