The Things That Matter

I should be studying/organizing for finals, but there is something calming about hearing nothing but the birds outside and my dishwasher power away. Sitting here, thinking and planning about finishing up the semester–exam time, Eid, breaks, friends, family and baking..yes…lot’s of it. But I also thought of something else…what is it, that really matters to me; what makes my day?

When I come home and my siblings don’t cop an attitude when I ask them to do something (NICELY!), makes my day…

When my mom does something random like making a cup of tea for herself, but makes one and brings it to me when I’m studying.

When my mom texts me in the middle of the day to tell me something funny that happened in her day.

When my little brother comes home and gives me a hug for no reason, but just because he “loves me”.

When a friend knows I’ve been stressed and texts me just to say “hi”.

A smile from a stranger when I’m wrapped up in my own head.

A good joke.

Something that makes me fall more in love with my religion.

V8 juice (dude this stuff is awesome, like the berry blast)

The smell of olive oil.

My cat sleeping at the foot of my bed.

Rainy days, where I can sit in warm clothes looking out.

A cup of soup on those rainy days.

Friends that allow me to complain to no end and give me the best advice there is.

And most of all… saying Alhamdulilah, because it can always be worse.

This isn’t my usual style of writing but I was compelled and I figured I would get it all down before I forgot. This is by no means the whole list because that woudl take forever and honestly I have to get to class! =)

My cat sleeping in my bed.





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