The Fat Man At A Picnic

The Fat Man At the Picnic

Carbon, oh Carbon

How you react.

You love to change your conformation at the tip of a hat

You make rings and chains and helixes and sheets

You like stability and seek it so earnestly.

I hope that one day I can really love you.

But at the moment I’m having to make decisions,

about how you are going to react and making you what I want.

Certain reagents eat you up like a fat man at a picnic,

and thanks to Dr. Brown I will never look at it any different.

But due to this analogy I actually understand how you react.

I know your basics, that you like 4 bonds,

you are happy when you are surrounded by others and protected from harm.

You comprise so many molecules its really insane,

from epoxides to benzenes to amino acids,

I’ve learned more about my biochemistry this semester than sometimes I ever wanted to know.

I have gone from calling Organic chemistry “art on crack”

to “the class with all the pretty shapes”

maybe one day I will be proud of you–

but for now I say good bye for a month

dear Organic, I will return to you in Biochemistry.

Please don’t make me hate my life. =)


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