Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach…

I am blessed to be able to teach some pretty awesome Sunday School kids, Alhamdulilah (Praise belongs to God). I have taught 1st and 4th grade over the past two years and to be honest, they are SO DIFFERENT! But also so similar… I forget sometimes what it is like to be a kid; clumsy, dorky, awkward and talk to anyone who lends an attentive ear. I forget that sometimes all I needed as a kid was someone to look up to, which even now, I still need that, a source of guidance. The point of this quick blog is to share something with you all that really stuck with me today when I was teaching.

We were practicing reading the Quran and my students are doing great Masha’Allah with sight-reading the Quran they are memorizing. But, I wanted to challenge them so I told them I would write a verse on the board randomly from the Quran, one of my favorite verses and if they could read it (each one of them) I would explain the story and lesson learned behind it. So today I chose this verse (I can’t seem to get the Arabic to format properly, so I had to put it just in English):

“Lord, open my breast,” said Moses.

Ta-Ha, Verse 24

My children, even the ones that struggle with reading, were all able to read it. I then proceeded to explain to them the story of Moses and how Allah told him that even though Pharaoh was rude, arrogant, and transgressed ALL boundaries to speak to him mildly.

Think about that for a moment…. The moment I said this in class I had a sort of epiphany and had to stop for a split second because it just hit me.

Pharaoh did not wrong just humans or himself, he wronged Allah. And yet, Allah still tells Musa (or Moses), speak to him mildly (in some translations it is to ‘speak gently’, etc.). I went further to tell my students that no matter who wrongs you, whether its someone on the street or your best friend, be kind to them, speak to them in a tone and manner that is appealing and calming. And when you have trouble doing that, make the prayer that Musa made to his Lord when he was sent to speak to the most hated human being, “Lord open my breast, and make easy for me my task, remove the knot from my tongue so that they may understand me…”

It is so easy for us to jump and want to be rude to the one who is rude to us, however it is important that we remember that even when one was rude to Allah, He sent His Messenger with the task of speaking kindly.

All I have to say is truly all Praise does belong to Allah because He has blessed me with the ability to have an amazing group of students that allow me to teach but also to learn from them as well, I love my students from the bottom of my heart and I miss each and every single one of them when they are not in class. I love them even when they pick on me for not being married or thinking that I’m 45 years old (I got an estimate of 60 one time, it was very flattering…NOT).

And now…back to writing this wonderful lab report! =)


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