Dear Mama–

I’m not big on Mother’s Day…I actually don’t believe in it because well I think it’s dumb to celebrate you one day of the year. However, since everyone is doing it…I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon =).

You taught me patience when I would count to 100 forwards and backwards, even though you knew that I could count to 100.

You taught me strength when you took care of me when I was sick.

You taught me humor when you come harass me in the middle of the day while I’m taking a nap.

You taught me faith by always pushing me to be closer to Allah and to rely on His will, and that Insha’Allah doesn’t always mean ‘no’ even when you guys said it to mean no (hahah–you know you did).

You are the light of my life, mommy. =) I don’t know really what to say other than I love you. I could have never been the person that I am without you.


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