To my baby brothers…

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

Ahmad and Saeed–

I remember when mom and dad told me that I was going to have a new sibling, and that sibling became 2. And those 2 became little brothers that I was the most excited 4 year old on the face of the planet. I don’t remember much of that age, but I remember you two and how excited I was to be your big sister. I remember as babies you guys were afraid of paper ripping behind you and would bust out in tears if anyone did it. But I also remember you two were so adorable and even better, you were MY little brothers.

I remember that we used to watch shows together like Power Rangers and Barney, and it was ME who introduced you to video games like Super Mario on our SNES. I remember how we used to play wrestle and pretend to be Power Rangers, Saeed was always either Tommy or Jason while Ahmad was always Billy, and me–I was ALWAYS Kimberly. There is that one home video where we are play fighting except we never even hit each other, you two would fall before even hitting me and I would pretend I was so strong that I could push you both away. In a way I felt strong because, hey, I could beat both of you up =).

And then there were our games of Spaceship that we would play in the car where ever we went. Remember how we would sit in the back of the car and put the seat all the way back so we were flat? And we would pretend we were in a spaceship in the stars and different aliens would attack us? Remember the blanket caves we used to build on our bunkbeds and hide under there pretending we were on another mission?

You guys grew from children to adolescents, and while I could still beat you up. We continued to grow up and change how we were with each other. We always fight, but what are siblings without a few squabble here and there?

I remember the time I stepped on a staple remover and sliced the bottom of my foot open. I had my huge Dell laptop in one hand and balanced the cut open foot on my opposite knee while standing at the top of the stairs catching the gushing blood in my free hand. I thought to be calm and tell Saeed to come upstairs please, and what does he say? “Hold on a minute, I’m playing a game.”

I repeated, “Saeed, it’s an emergency, please…come…up…stairs”

Saeed, “SARA wait ONE second let me finish.”


Saeed never came up because mom came home and I hobbled to the bathroom to at least clean up my foot so I could clean the carpet FAST. But Saeed, you were always a good brother, and even though you didn’t stop your game to save me, I know if I really needed you– you would have been there, you always are.

Ahmad…he’s such a goofball. I remember one time we got bored and decided to make a video that has long been erased (thank God). Him and I colored all over our faces and talked in weird accents and said things that made no sense. And for some reason that stupid video kept SHOWING UP at times that were not necessary. Needless to say we still have a good laugh over it and I’m glad Ahmad was always there to do things like that with me. Ahmad, you’re an awesome brother and you deserve the best!


It’s your birthday. You  are the big 1-2 mashaAllah and you make me feel SO OLD! I remember when mom said she was having you and dude, I was SO excited! Because this time one of my siblings’ due date was on MY BIRTHDAY! And I was 9 at the time and for once it meant that I could actually be a big sister to you. I could feed you and change you and babysit you (even though I already did that for everyone else, I was just older and wiser this time around =P). Alas, you didn’t come on my birthday, you decided to pop out 3 days before my 10th birthday, but I was happy nonetheless.

I remember you used to be SO COLIC-y you punk, and had a voice to make sure we all knew you were like that. But then you grew up and started to be the big headed goofball that you are, with a temper though! I remember I used to have to fight everyone over you because you were just soooo cute MashaAllah that everyone wanted to hold you. You were a little chubby and cute and you just giggled at soo much. And to this day you are my laughing buddy, you always keep a smile on my face and never hesitate to give me a hug.

My dear baby brothers, you’re not babies anymore, but you’re still my baby brothers. Ahmad and Saeed, thinking that I was in your place 4 years ago and how different I was just showed me how much older I am. Muhammad, being a decade older than you reminds me all the time that I’m old. I love you all and I’m so proud of all of you. I have some advice for you before you move onto the next stages of your life. Have faith in Allah, He will always provide what you need and support you when you feel alone, learn to talk to Him and listen to Him in your heart. Be truthful, the truth will always get you farther than a lie. And aim high, you are all smart boys mashaAllah and can go very far in your lives–so aim the highest you can and strain yourself. You’ll be surprised to where you end up.

I love you all, and trust me–this step (Ahmad and Saeed) maybe closing the chapter of High School, but you are starting on a fresh page, make it worth it! Muhammad, you are growing to be quite the young man, keep it up sweet heart and keep that head up!

You guys will always be in my dua and prayers, because there’s nothing like having brothers. I love you guys!


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