There is something beautiful about rain.

I’m not much of a poet or a writer, in fact, I’m not one at all. I haven’t written in such a long time and I feel like I miss my friend (my blog). Today is a pretty dreary day, it’s that slow steady rain that is associated with the cold winter months. It chills you to the core if you walk out in it. The first time you walk out in it you don’t imagine that it will do much to you, and the first time it’s okay, then if you walk out in it multiple times you start to feel the cold seep to your core. But I like it.

I love the rain. There is something that just intrigues me as to how beautiful it is, subhanAllah. The powerful summer storms that shake your bones that make you wonder, “Is the sky going to fall on me?” Or the sigh of a winter drizzle at night that causes you to warp your blanket around you tighter thanking God you are safe and sound. I love a spring sun shower, where it’s sunny and pouring rain at the same time; it’s almost as if the world is telling you that there is still light despite the illusion of tears. We can get through anything if we just gaze at a situation in a different angle.

There is something beautiful about the rain, and I am at a loss for words but I love it.

And I think I’ve been hanging out too much with my hippie friends 😉



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