About Me

My name is Sara. I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina with a whole lot of background. You may notice I am Muslim, but don’t run away just yet! My husband of 3 and some odd months is a chaplain and works with adults with autism. I work at a wonderful company trying to create a treatment for cancer that not only greatly improves the quality of life for those living with cancer, but kill it off while building them up. I had a daughter this past summer and she is truly the love of my life.

My purpose for this blog many odd years ago was to give myself a space to discuss things that mattered to me. To share with the world my feelings. To some extent, that is still true, but now it is also to help people learn different skills that I have picked up along the way in my life experiences. Life is not always easy but there are ways to look at the world in a different light to make each day better than the last, even when everything looks a little bleak. I want to teach you how to save some money, learn some skills, get something that may boost your self confidence.

Stay in touch and help me along with any questions or suggestions you may have!



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